The Upside of Blagomania!

Many curious eyes are watching the next (yet hardly the last) chapter of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s exploits. This one is in the court of law, and we are about to learn what 12 of our fellow citizens collectively have to say about Blago’s future.

What verdict do you predict will be handed down?  Regardless, Illinois has once again made a national name for itself via political corruption.  However, I prefer to be positive, to see the bright side.

And what exactly is positive about all of this?  I am glad you asked.  Here is my top-10 list:

1)    Barbers everywhere will likely never have to create the Blagodome style again;

2)    Chicago’s struggling news media are surely selling more ads during the trial as readership, viewership and listenership have increased;

3)    Chicago is that much more of an attractive place to film movies about the mob and political thrillers;

4)    Political cartoonists, late-night talk-show hosts, comedians, Republicans and reality TV viewers are having some good fun;

5)    The term “Blago” is a joy to say…and, we get to say it a lot these days;

6)    Lucky bidders will take home some of Blago’s personal belongings when his five storage lockers full of stuff are auctioned off due to not paying his bill for the last year (I just hope some of the $400,000 worth of fancy clothes are part of the stash);

7)    We finally have a politician who truly LOOKS like a mobster (the black jogging suit);

8)    The next governor will know which corruption tricks to avoid during his or her rein;

9)    Illinois voters may finally see some efficiencies in government if Blago and former Governor Ryan share a jail cell; and

10) We are sure to see more of lovely and very entertaining Patti Blagojevich on reality TV, as she will likely become the family’s primary breadwinner.

Please feel free to add to this list via the comments section on this blog!

4 Comments to “The Upside of Blagomania!”

  1. 11: Illinois could win the bid for the Disgraced Politicians Hall of Fame Museum, though New York would be a serious contender.

  2. Not to get all competitive or anything, but I’d wager that Jersey politicians can give the Illinois pols a good run for their money in the Corruption Olympics. For example: we elected a new mayor last year, he served THREE WEEKS in office before being arrested by the Feds for accepting bribes, one of two-dozen pols nailed in a statewide sting operation. Top THAT!

  3. Amy & Annie get a jump on all their friends and don’t have to wait unitl they are 16 to become aware that their dad is… like sooo stupid.

  4. Blagojevich, Schlamoyovich!! You think Illinois is corrupt, come to Cali! The city manager of Bell, CA, a city of 30,000, is making almost $800,000 a year!! When the LA Times exposed him, he graciously resigned…TO A PENSION OF $600,000 PER YEAR FOR LIFE!! AND HE’S ONLY 62!!!!! And THAT’S just the city planner!! The police chief makes more than Barak Obama!! And the city council members, who work part time, and should make $400 per week like most all city council members in CA, ARE MAKING NEARLY $100,000!!! Face it, Illinois doesn’t hold the patent on corruption. There’s plenty to go around.

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