The Perils of Autopilot Positioning and How to Avoid Them

An article I wrote explaining the difference between strong positioning and spin was published on 9/11/12 by TalentZoo.

Here’s the beginning…check out the full piece at:

The Perils of Autopilot Positioning and How to Avoid Them

The public relations profession is sometimes ridiculed for our (perceived) tendency to over-position or, dare I say, “spin” issues — from how we share news with employees to how and what we share with media.

When done appropriately, the skill to position something in a more positive light is valuable and necessary. We need not apologize for it. On the deeper level, we dig for the facts and weave compelling stories. On the daily level, we position.

Nearly everyone in every profession positions requests, their background, you name it — from job interviews (both sides of the table) to sharing bad news to making our cases for promotions or new assignments. Even outside of work, think about how you approach your children about doing their chores, teaching them a valuable lesson or how you say sorry to your spouse or significant other.

However, there can be a tendency to do what I call “autopilot positioning.” This is an almost instinctual drive to immediately frame an issue a certain way (typically to suit one’s needs) without first giving the necessary thought it deserves.

Be careful…

Full text:

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