Use wire services with eyes wide open…

I just read this article and have some opinions to share.

“Tuesdays Still “Best” Time to Send a Release, Your Mileage May Vary”

I agree. However, be aware that posting a release on any wire service provides limited benefits. It will: a. secure a handful (if you’re lucky) of meaningful “real” links on good online news sites; b. potentially result in your release getting picked up by vertical trade media that re-run the release, run an abbreviated version or create their own stories; and c: ensure your release is findable / pop up in searches (be sure to imbed three to five key search terms with links). Ninety percent of the links a wire service feeds back to you last a few days and are of NO benefit. They are buried in non-findable, non-searchable sections of these online news sites. BTW: I have found that PR Newswire is the worst value of all wire services. (I have a terrific, real-life example to support this opinion.) However, a good wire service can deliver a, b and c. And, using a wire service can be a good part of your PR efforts. Just don’t rely on it to deliver a huge punch unless you’re a big-name company.

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