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October 17, 2012

Something very important was missing from the second presidential debate.

Great, lively debate. Lots of punches thrown and landed. However, I am amazed how absent the environment is to much of the broader debate, particularly the talk about energy. Energy: security, independence, abundance, etc. Good points. And, yes…jobs and the economy. We heard what the majority of Americans are most concerned about. The problem is most Americans aren’t concerned with one of the greatest threats we face: global warming. More specifically: melting ice, rising sea levels, a warming planet, food insecurity, erratic weather (notice an increase recently in hurricanes and tornados anyone?), skin cancer, etc. The negative impact and cost of climate change (and, folks, we’re past the tipping point), will make ALL of the issues discussed tonight, combined, seem like a problem equal to freeing our sidewalks of discarded gum by comparison. Ok, that’s extreme. Add overall litter on front lawns, too 😉